Products that Yogi’s love!

So you have a yoga product  that would suit the people who visit this site – right?

Do  you find it frustrating to find new and interesting ways to get your yoga products to market? 

I do understand the frustration, for 6 years I advertised and sold  the Yoga Sandals  (these sandals spread the toes and help build strength in the muscles and  bones of the feet.) They truly are therapeutic!

I found advertising in print magazines effective, but expensive. Other than advertising on my  website, I found it difficult  to promote my products into the market place.

This got me thinking…

 Yoga Teacher,  attracts yoga teachers, studio owners, yoga practitioners and other health professionals from all over the globe, its perfect  to  promote your products and services via a unique and dynamic method –  audio interviews!   Short and sassy  interviews will help listeners with their buying decision. It’s a unique way to tell potential clients about  your  products. Print advertising doesn’t offer that opportunity!

Industry Statistics

Yoga and  yoga products is one of the most searched topic on the internet. Your interview will give you an opportunity to get in front of millions of people on the internet.

The Yoga Journal estimated that in 2008 Americans spent $5.7 billion a year on yoga classes and products, including equipment, clothing, vacations and media (DVDs, videos, books and magazines). This figure represents an increase of 87 percent compared to the previous study in 2004 almost double of what was previously spent. Source: Yoga Journal

The way we do things here on Yoga Teacher Podcasts is a bit unique…                              Here’s how it works.

You can advertise your yoga products two ways depending on your budget: -

  1. A 15 minute  interview with you about your product or service PLUS a Button Ad = $197 . (207 x 207 pixel – see image on the right)  You get a copy of the interview to put on your website and promotion through our social media sites.
  2.  Button Ad = $29 per month – Provide a 207 x 207 pixel graphic image, to place on the right hand side of this website home page & search pages.

Testimonial from Ludwina Dautovic, award winning media queen and business coach founder of  The Red Tent Woman and host and producer of Red Tent Radio and The Business Podcast Show.

Being the host of a global podcast show it was nice to have the tables turned and be interviewed by seasoned interviewer like Bettina.
She asked smart questions, listened intently, guided the interview well and brought it to a logical conclusion.
And more importantly, her personality shone through which allowed me to feel comfortable to be myself.
If she has asked you to be on her show, don’t hesitate; it is a worthwhile investment of your time.
Thank you Bettina and keep up the good work. Ludwina


Q: Who creates the image?  A: You create a 207×207 jpg or gif.  or we can do it for you )

Q: When will my ad appear on the website? A: Within  48 hours of payment and submission of graphic.

Q: Do you offer discount if I book 3, 6  or 12 months? A: Yes we  share the love! 10% disc for 3mth, 20% disc for 6mth, 30% disc for 12 mths.

Q: How do you do the interview?  A: I contact you via Skype and ask you about your product. The interview will be a short 10 minute grab of the features & benefits and where the customer can buy it.

Q: How do I make payment?  A: Via  Pay Pal

Q: How can I check to see if my ad is effective? A: You should set up analytics on your website to determine where traffic is being driven from.

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