Gain the tools, motivation and communityto live a more purposeful, courageous and meaningful life

Have you ever been to an event that leaves you feeling really and truly privileged?

I’m buzzing in that wonderment right now….I’ve just returned from diving deep into the process of the “ Embody your Purpose” workshop. Embody Your Purpose More…

Earning a living as a yoga Teacher,

Yarraville Yoga Centre

Here’s a HOT topic of conversation! If you’re seeking a new career in 2013 will it provide enough to enrich your wellbeing and pay your bills too?

In this episode of Mentor Moments I catchup with David Spratt, a serious business man and co owner of the Yarraville Yoga Centre and iYoga Props. He More…

Quidelines for Payments to Yoga Teachers - Episode #10

Leigh outdoor head shot 2011

Our guest is Leigh Blashki, Vice President of Yoga Australia, the national peak professional body for Yoga Teachers in Australia. Leigh is here to talk about the Guidelines for Payments for Yoga Teachers which Yoga Australia released to its members in June 2012.


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