Cultivating and sustaining awareness through stillness. Like yoga, meditation takes practice to become more effortless.

Asana translates to “comfortable seat” many might argue that meditating for long periods could share that same translation! Sitting still for most of us can be a challenge, our busy lives with all that is going on. The biggest challenge is finding the discipline to set timeout in the day for this practice.

The benefits felt make it a good investment of your time  with practice  the body becomes calmer and clarity of mind sharpens. You don’t have to master locus pose to meditate either, you can lie down or sit in a chair if that suits your body best, it’s important to remain comfortable and calm.

Try these simple steps to support your meditation practice:

  • Set the time of day to practice. Try sitting in the morning straight out of bed and again at nighttime just before you hop into bed.
  • Set the duration to sit. You might start at just 5 minutes and increase your time at 5minute increments, as you feel ready. 30 minutes is an optimal time to sit.
  • Try focusing just on your breathing to assist to quiet the mind and slow down all those thoughts. Using a mantra can also help to keep the mind from wandering off. A wonderful way to stay focussed is to choose a guided meditation.
  • Use a timer to set the time to sit, so you don’t have to think about it. (one that will charm gently when the set time is reached)
  • Give your self a moment once you have finished the practice to stretch out your legs, arms and back and give yourself thanks and acknowledging your gift of life.
  • Keep a journal of your insights. What came to mind? Did you see colors perhaps visions.Notice how you felt before and how you feel after your meditation.

Meditation for kids…

Meditation can be learnt at an early age and can be very helpful for children who find it hard to relax at bedtime.
Christiane Kerr has a developed a  meditation CD with stories that have an underlay of subtle sound effects and gentle music which combined with Christiane’s calming voice make them irresistible and a deeply relaxing bedtime treat. This empowering CD is completely safe and very effective way to help your kids drift away into a peaceful sleep and to help build their self-confidence and self-esteem. The CD can also be used as a general relaxation at other times and is suitable for all children up to the age of 12.

Bedtime Meditations for KidsClick on enchanted meditations for kids to find out more.

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