Let's Get Creative! - Mentor Moments # 09

Get Creative

Creative contributor Brook McCarthy of Yoga Reach is here again to give her insights into being creative.

Thanks to one of our listeners Susan Watts who sent an email asking about “how to be creative“. Here we share with you some great ideas and encouragement in getting started with being creative. Thanks for the great question Susan!

In previous interviews we have talked about creating products to increase your audience (and your income). Products like CD’s, DVD’s, workshops, podcasts, retreats or You Tube video’s.

Products that you can sell or give away that will:

  • Attract potential clients
  • Increase your income
  • Promote you and your services
  • Make more use of your time
  • Share your amazing offerings to a global audience!

LISTEN  to the audio for the best bits!

I ask Brook the following questions: -

  • Why is it important to be creative in business?
  • Not every body is naturally creative what are some things we can do to stimulate those creative juices?
  • What can you do to help yourself be creative?

Here’s a brief summary of the key points :-

  • Be organised and set time aside for creative work. (6:00)
  • Be relaxed and playful (7:20)
  • Be confident that you have something to offer of value (7:50)
  • Hangout with people who will give you feedbackpositive and negative. (9:25)
  • Don’t let fear stifle you. (11:00)
  • Cull the things that aren’t working. (11:30)
  • Get it finished. (12:00)
  • Share it with the world! (16.15)


  • Brook mentioned Seth Godin (8.55) – Linch Pin – here you can hear from Seth himself.
  • During the interview (19:50) I mentioned the Blind Spot Breakthrough by David Neagle. This is an interesting explanation about how we can self sabotage ourselves from achieving our goals.
  • MUSIC with thanks to Music Alley & artist Will Mac with “You are the Rock” 


Emarketing Course for Yoga & Wellbeing professionals

Click on the yoga girl picture for an online course on emarketing with Brook McCarthy – tell her I sent you.


Creativity is a way of operating”. John Cleese


 We need your help! Send in questions and inspire us to bring the information YOU need to build your business! bettina@yogateacherpodcasts.com.au

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