Nickyy Thomas - Rising Star Episode # 11

In this short interview I’m chatting with Yoga Teacher Nickyy Thomas.

Nickyy has been put forward by Leigh Blashki as a one of the young up and coming Yoga Teachers doing some wonderful work inspiring others.  Nickyy is one of the  QLD representatives of Yoga Australia.

Nickyy has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for the past 9 years and a teacher for 4 years. She has studied extensively in India, attending meditation and yoga retreats.
Nickyy is fully accredited with Yoga Australia and holds an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching.

Nickyy is also the QLD state representative for Yoga Australia (YA) – the national association for yoga teachers and students from all traditions and styles.


Listen Here

Yoga Australia  holds a national conference each year  Come along and enrich your experience and knowledge of asana and philosophy and  network with other  yogis!

Show Notes: 

Bettina How long have you been a Yoga teacher for?
Nickyy: Oh, just over four years now. This is my full time job now. I devote all my energy to yoga my life is all about yoga on and off the mat and I’m really happy about that. I found yoga 10 years ago in London.The first class I did I laughed my way through the class. And from there found my self really, loved up and open. That lead me to India and where I am now.
B: You have taken up a role as a QLD representative for Yoga Australia, can you tell us what does that  entail?
N: One part is promoting and informing members of what YA does. A second part is bringing together the Sanga; the yoga community in QLD. And paperwork and admin. Personally the most important part is connecting with the yoga community.
B: And you did your training with Leigh Blashki in Melbourne.
N: Yes I was really lucky to get on the course. And was exposed to some really amazing teachers. It’s a fantastic course.
B: Where do you teach?
N: I have “a space” its not mine but I treat it like mine. I teach locally in my own business In a beautiful church hall in Kenmore in Brisbane, four classes a week to a great community. I’m now teaching at Shri Yoga an Anusara  studio under Julie Smerdon, it’s a beautiful studio with really nice students. I also teach at  Fitness First. So lots of contrasts. People need stress relief a chance to breath, to soften and open their body.
B: ….I was speaking of one of my student last night and it reminded me of the difficulties that some people have in their lives and they come to yoga as a haven to find them selves to give themselves some nurturing back. Its not about “us” (the teacher)…
N: I agree….
B: What is the essence of your teaching what do you hope that your students take away with them?
N: As a teacher, I aim to cultivate a loving and safe environment. I want people to feel nurtured and loved… Students say its like a warm blanket …my teaching.
B: From your perspective what is the most challenging aspect of teaching yoga?
N: I’d say continuously being inspired and not getting bored…I like to feel inspired in my teaching and I like to feel that the students are inspired with what they do, getting out of your own way and making space to tune it and taking from the Sutras the ancient wisdom of yoga.
B: What would you like to leave us with?
N: We are all… every yoga teacher is doing an amazing job all creating a space for students to open hearts and minds.Investing in making the work a better place.
B: Who would you like to listen to on YTP?
N:  Id like to hear to Flo Fenton. She has a lot of wisdom that lady.

“I feel deeply honoured and totally delighted to have been asked to participate in this project as I feel so grateful just to be out there doing my job – helping students as one esteemed teacher put it to ‘unwrap their light’ and be the gift they truly are. Its wonderful for the soul when your own gifts are seen beneath the wrapping! May we all shine and cast our warmth and bring our unique gifts to the world – just as Bettina is doing with this wonderful project. Thanks so much Bettina!”

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