Rachel Zinman - ISHTA Yoga- Their Stories # 12

 Rachel Zinman – ISHTA Yoga 

Rachel has been practicing yoga for 28 years and has taught for over 20 years. Prior to her initial yoga education Rachel trained as a professional dancer and choreographer in the USA and in Australia. Discovering yoga she originally trained in the Iyengar and Ashtanga methods and first began teaching in her role as Head of Dance at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium where she introduced yoga to the curriculum.

Her teaching style continues to reflect her deep engagement with the arts – dynamic and precise with an emphasis on mindfulness. While again living in New York from 2000–2004 Rachel began studying with ISHTA yoga founder Alan Finger which led to teaching in his studios for four years. There she co-created and coordinated the Be Yoga Teacher Training Program, becoming a senior facilitator and mentor.

Rachel returned to Australia to teach in the Yoga Arts Teacher Training, and since 2005 has created and facilitated her own teacher trainings and workshops in the ISHTA System in Australia, India, Bali, Japan, New York and in many major cities in Europe.

Since 2006 she has been practicing Bhakti and studying Gyan Yoga (Self Knowledge) and has incorporated the traditional teachings of the Upanishads, Yantra, Mantra, Mudra and Tantric rituals into her workshops and trainings.

Rachel also co-created and produced a popular Australian Yoga Video series and a Kid’s Yoga Video.

She is an award-winning musician for her album of chanting and devotional song, Sita Ram, and is a published poet.

Thank you to the Subway Bhaktis, Rachel Zinman and Nyck Jeanes for providing the beautiful music at the end of this podcastLakshmi Gayatri from the Rasa Lila album find out more here

 Listen Here

The highlights from the interview:

Rachel recalls being inspired and encouraged by Australian Yoga Teachers Louisa Sear, Dena Kinsburg, John Ogilvie,  Eve Gryzbowski and Jenny Groves.

Rachel left Australia for  New York in 2000, where she was introduced to the ISHTA system and began working with Alan Finger.

In 2005 Rachel returned back to Byron Bay

Check out her Power of Yantra video its had over 3660 + views on YouTube. 26:54

Rachel has recently returned from a busy touring schedule,  for 17 months she has been teaching her Pure Ganesha workshop throughout Europe. 34:00


A piece of history….”Mani Finger was Roma Blair’s teacher, so there’s a lineage between yoga in South Africa & Australia.”

“Shandor Remete, ran an Iyengar intermediate intensive in Adelaide, I attended along with Simon Borg Olivier, Eve Gryzbowski, Louisa Sear and Nicky Knoff. I was only 22 and I was with these senior teachers doing all these  practices, I was in awe.” 41:17 


B: I notice that the deities Lakshmi and Ganesha feature prominently on your website and workshops what do they represent for you?

“Lakshmi is nourishing calming and relaxing. I was encouraged to work with her energy she  brings a seed to fruition. She means to me growth and beauty.” 42:34 

Beside using your voice to teach yoga workshops and teacher training, you also are blessed with the most enchanting singing voice. Tell us about Subway Bhaktis and your devotional chanting.

“I used to hum tunes at the train station and with my husband  we put together chants to music. We have made 3 CD’s.  We called ourselves the  Subway Bhaktis.” http://subwaybhaktis.com/ Sita Ram.   44:23

B: Who do you want to hear on YTP?

“Louisa Sear, she is absolutely a pioneer she bought teacher training to Australia, she is a true yogi and is wonderful. If you could interview her that would be great, I think people will enjoy her story she is a beautiful human being.” 50:55

 To find out more about Rachel Zinman and her Yoga Teacher Training in the Ishta system go here  to her website.

“I came across your site and think its so inspiring what you are sharing and would love to contribute in some way. “

“Congratulations on creating something that supports our wonderful Australian Yoga community.” Rachel Zinman


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1 comment to Rachel Zinman – ISHTA Yoga Episode # 12

  • Joyce Garforth

    Love your background, to be with such unique teachers, i.e. Sandor Remete, Simon Borg, whom I have encountered as well some 25 years ago, is a special gift from Heaven. Om shanti.

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