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Enlightened events Yoga Therapy Conference

Trina Bawden – Smith.  Director of Enlightened Events talks to Yoga Teacher Podcasts about the upcoming Australian Yoga Therapy Conference in Melbourne on the  weekend of the 18th and 19th of August 2012.

Trina Bawden-Smith is a yoga teacher and the Event Director for Enlightened Events, the organistion that delivers a new style of life-changing presentations, by some of the world’s most innovative and enlightened speakers, to a spiritually aware community.

Over 10 years ago, Trina completed a Yoga Instructors Certificate from the research-based Vivekananda Yoga Research and Therapy Centre in Melbourne, Australia. She has also completed a course for Ayurveda practitioner’s.

In 2004- 2005  she organised two major Yoga conferences with the assistance of the Vedanta Centre of Sydney. These conferences were arguably the first (Australian) yoga conferences to bring yoga teachers from many different traditions together.

A few years later, she and husband Jason founded Enlightened Events. During this time, Trina put together Australia’s first Yoga therapy conference and the first Divine Feminine event. She has conducted events all over mainland Australia and she works with some of Australia’s leading yoga teachers to provide the yoga community with world class events.

 Listen here to the interview

The  beautiful music at the end of the interview is by the Subway Bhaktis Rachel Zinman & Nick Jeanes.  

Show Notes

Trina starts out to give us some background with her work with Enlightened Events and the list of top names she has worked with for more than 10 years in the field of Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Following is only a short snippet of the key points from this interview with Trina. Listen to her speak about the event speakers, the topics and why you should attend this conference.

B: Judith Lasaster will be here from the US presenting, one of the world’s most respected Yoga teachers with over 40 years teaching experience, Yoga Journal Founder and author of eight books, what should attendees expect from Judiths’s session?  6:00

T: Judith is a very experienced teacher her topic is “Yoga will ruin your life and thank god” I think it says a lot about her she is very humorous, the topic is very deep she has a lot to offer.

B: What other speakers and topics will be presented?

T: It’s a very full and varied program, in summary:

  • James Bone will speak about pain the brain and neurophysiology and how that can assist with managing back pain.
  • Annette Loudon with her ground breaking research into yoga and  breast cancer.
  • Dr Maartin Imminck – Neuroscientist and Satyananda yoga teacher will speak about the emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology.
  • Narelle Quinlan-Carter has an Iyengar background she specializes on the management of Scoliosis.
  • Janet Lowndes, psychologist and Yoga therapist trainer in Melbourne, will be speaking about yoga and how it can help in managing eating disorders.
  • Sal Flynn, is a Mindfulness trainer she is also a Psychotherapist and Yoga Therapist. She will speak on how you can use Mindfulness to effect profound healing and transformation.
  • Leigh Blashki will give a very practical session on a tool for balancing the hemispheres of the brain.
  • Mark Breadner, teacher trainer and Yoga Coach to sporting stars

 For more information go to

B: Trina, what are your top tips for making the most of attending a conference like the Yoga Therapy Conference? They come for range of different reasons they will want to come

  • To find out the latest research in Yoga
  • To find out new ways to work with students to improve their experience with a range of health issues.
  • Personal development and experience
  • Networking and meeting different professionals
  • Best Practice, to take back into their businesses
  • Gathering new ideas


Bettina: I spoke to Leigh Blashki recently for YTP and he mentioned that this event is a wonderful opportunity for the various health providers to come together and share and explore linkages between the modalities to deliver further benefits to their clients.  There’s is an obvious synergy with yoga and massage but there are also opportunities for physio’s Osteo’s and Chiropractors too.

Trina: Yes we tend to get a broad range  of  professionals attending the conference. Even form as far as California. Psychologists will be attending, Psychiatrist and mental health nurses and medical doctors  have attended the event . 10:48


B: How will the event be structured, can you set the scene for us?  12:00

T: The conference runs as a single stream so everyone is together for the whole event so  you get  to hear all the speakers.

The breaks are important to connect with friends and colleagues, its a relatively small conference and intimate so there are lots of opportunities to catch up and network..


When: Date: 18 -19 August 2012

Where:  Venue: Oaks on Collins, Collins St, Melbourne CBD

To find out more about the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference and speakers profiles other events bought to us by Enlightened Events go to 12.50

On the website you will find the speakers profiles and further details. We would love you to come along but if you cant make it I encourage you to have a look a free resources section on the website for audios, videos and articles.

Is it mostly for the professionals? Yes howwever it would appeal to peope who like to know more about managing their own health.

 The  beautiful music at the end of the interview is by the Subway Bhaktis Rachel Ziman & Nick Jeanes.  

Speakers at this years conference include:

  • Judith Lasater
  • Leigh Blashki, Vice President of Yoga Australia and Secretary of the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Prof. Marc Cohen, pioneer of complementary medicine
  • Janet Lowndes, psychologist and Yoga therapist
  • Dr. Maarten Immink, neuroscientist, exercise physiologist and Yoga teacher
  • Annette Loudon, breast cancer researcher and Yoga therapist
  • Sal Flynn, psychotherapist and Yoga therapist
  • James Bone, physiotherapist and Yoga therapist
  • Narelle Quinlan-Carter, biomedical scientist, Yoga teacher and specialist in scoliosis
  • Mark Breadner, teacher trainer and Yoga Coach to sporting stars

 For more information go to

Australian Yoga Therapy Conference


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