Mentor Moments

Mentor Moments is dedicated to give current and future Yoga Teachers and studio operators the opportunity to learn ways to save money, promote better, improve serviceattract new clients and retain the loyal ones.

…”It’s about building a sustainable business.”

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“The days and views that a Yoga Studio should not make a profit are SO ’70′s!”

Passion alone is not always enough though, Mentor Moments with a specialist is so enlightening.

Topics include Strategy and Planning, Marketing, Processes and Systems, Finance, Resources, Technology and all the other important elements to operating a successful business.

Let us know what your business challenges are and we will interview a Knowledge Master to give you tips and ideas to solve them.

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Interested in being a guest on Mentor Moments?

If you are passionate about helping solve business problems for yoga and natural health entrepreneurs and would like to be a guest on Mentor Moments, then read the overview below and apply by sending an email to in the subject line write : Application for Mentor Moments.


Hi and thank you for your interest in being part of MENTOR MOMENTS with Yoga Teacher Podcasts.  Mentor Moments is a short interview between me, Bettina Mitchell and a Knowledge Master. We will cover a key business topic and have 2-3 Learning Outcomes to meet. A key component to the success of Mentor Moments is the quality of the content and the commitment to promote each other to our communities through social network marketing eg: email to our lists, and postings on Facebook and Twitter and good ol fashioned “tell a friend”.

To get the most out of this exciting experience and ensure we produce a high quality and informative episode of Mentor Moments, I have prepared this overview to cover off on: -

  • The objective of Mentor Moments
  • Profile of a Knowledge Master
  • How it will be produced
  • What’s in it for our LISTENER, for YOU and ME.
  • What you will  need to provide me.


The objective is to provide education and information to support business operators to implement sustainable business practices.

Profile of a Knowledge Master.

A guest on MENTOR MOMENTS will: -

  • Be successful in business and therefore have practical experience to draw from.
  • Have ongoing professional services and products to offer the listeners.
  • Have a professional website and email list.
  • Confidence to provide tips and ideas in an interview format.
  • Promote the interview to their community of friends and customers.

How are the episodes produced?

The format of the interview will be a casual chat as though we are sitting together enjoying a cup of tea and a conversation.

The duration of the finished interview will be around 10 minutes. It would be ideal if you put aside at least 20 minutes for us to get through the introduction and questions.

It will be recorded using SKYPE. You will need to have Skype installed on your computer.

You will also need a USB headset with a built-in microphone. You can buy these from the Skype store or an electronic supplier for less than $50.

During the interview it is very important that you are in a place with limited noise and distractions, so we achieve the best quality audio results. Remember to turn your phones OFF or to silent.

The interview is recorded and then made available as a Podcast episode, an audio file that listeners can access through the Yoga Teacher Podcast website and ITunes library.

At the beginning of the interview I will introduce you, the topic and the learning outcomes.

We end the interview with how you can be contacted through your website address and any specific “call to action” for the listeners.

The interview is also typed up into a transcript called “show notes” and available from my website.

What’s in it for you?

This is an opportunity to reach out to a niche business community, to let them know about your services and products to help your business grow too! When you contribute high quality and valuable information to  our community, they may come to trust you and engage your services.   I commit to promote our interview with my community by emailing out to my list, posting on Facebook and via other social marketing tool, it’s expected that you will agree to promote YTP in the same way.

I will offer you a copy of the interview audio file 1 month after I have promoted it on my website. You can use the audio as you wish to promote your business. Link the interview audio file on your website for your clients to listen to or burn to a CD and give it away for free as a loyalty gift.

Future opportunities to promote your  products and services  through the Yoga Teacher Podcasts website may be available.

It’s a requirement that any product or service promotion requires an affiliate arrangement for that product or service. If sales are made due to the introduction to my members I would appreciate an agreed percentage share in the income.

 Please provide your:

  • Headshot photo in .jpeg format. Please provide a profession high quality image that is no larger than 150kb
  • Company Logo  in .jpeg format, no larger than 150kb
  • 30 second introduction to you and your business
  • Your bio approximately 200 words, that I can use on the YTP website.
  • URL to your website so I can include it in the show notes.
  • If you have specific questions that you would like me to ask you on the topic, please provide in advance.
    • Please avoid content that sounds like you are trying to sell a product, the objective is education.
  • It’s optional, but it would be wonderful if you could provide a 1-2 page resource covering the main points of your topic – like a ready reference guide. Of course you can include your logo and URL on the document. I will make it available from the show notes.

 A couple of other things

The audio file will be made available to you to use on your website 1 month after its promoted on the YTP website. After the interview is recorded  YTP will own the content and it will go onto the website and remain there. The audio cannot be changed once it’s been loaded. I may use the content in its original context to form an ebook that I might sell or give away in the future, your website link and contact details will remain in the content as the original reference. You  will not be able to make a claim to any financial gain that YogaTeacherPodcast might make as a result of the Mentor Moments interviews.

More promotional opportunities

I might also ask you, immediately after the interview, to record a little extra opportunity to promote your business that may be used in further shows as a segue.

It might go like this: ‘This is Annie Gales from Annies Angels Promotions dot com…and you are listening to: Mentor Moments on YTP .’

I may ask you to provide a testimonial of your experience being a guest. This is another opportunity for you to promote you and your business on our website.

To apply, please send an email to and in the subject line write : Application for Mentor Moments.




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