FaceBook 101- Mentor Moments Episode # 01

Sound bites of ideas and tips to help YOU grow a successful business.

Brook  McCarthy – Director of  Yoga Reach tells us  - How to use Facebook to connect to your existing students and find masses of new ones!

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Learning Outcome:  Facebook Business Pages – what are the  benefits of  incorporating this social media marketing tool in my business.

Bettina here from YTP bringing you the 1st of our Mentor Moments!- Sound bites of ideas and tips to help YOU grow your successful business.

Read the Show Notes below to see what I ask Brook.

Brook McCarthy founder of YOGA REACH joins in today to clear up a couple of mysteries of FACEBOOK.

Firstly can you tell us briefly how you and your team at YogaReach help your clients? Our Learning Outcome today is : What is FaceBook and the benefits of incorporating this social media tool into my business.   Facebook has been around a while now and unless your been living under a rock or in a cave meditating you have probably at least heard of it.

  1. Q: So, Brook, what is the big deal about Facebook?
  2. Q: It it just as worth the effort for a soloprenuer Yoga Teacher OR a therapist, who wants to raise their profile and  brand as it is for a studio?
  3. Q: How is a “personal profile” different from a “business page”
  4. Q: So what do we post on Facebook?
  5. Q: Can you give me a couple of tips for using Facebook to market my business?
  6. Q: What other marketing mediums or methods would you recommend for a yoga teacher who wants to raise their profile?

Thank you Brook McCarthy. Please come back to help us with Twitter and email newsletters.

For more from Brook visit www.yogareach.com.au. or Facebook

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