Online Marketing Tools Episode #03

Yoga Teacher Podcasts brings you the next episode of Mentor Moments with Online Marketing guru Brook McCarthy Founder of Yoga Reach, an online marketing agency for yoga and wellbeing businesses.

Brook shares her 5 TOP TIPS to promote your yoga business with Online Marketing tools.

She talks about Website essentials and creating “useful” content, using FaceBook business pages, Video marketing and more…

Oh and there is a high value special offer at the end of the interview you will not want to miss!

Go here to hear this interview it’s short and punchy, I promise.

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Show Notes – If you prefer to download & print the show notes to read  later then click on the following link  Episone#3 MM OnlineMarketing_Brook McCarthy

Otherwise enjoy the notes below. – Episode # 3 Mentor Moments

Date: February 2012

Hi Bettina here, your host on YTP. This is another Mentor Moment’s segment with Brook McCarthy of Yoga Reach.

Yoga Reach is an online marketing agency for yoga and wellbeing businesses. Stay tuned Brook has a special offer particularly for our Sydney based listeners on how to market your yoga business online, so hang in there.

Hi Brook thanks for being here on the Yoga Teacher Podcasts.

Brook: Hi Bettina it’s good to be back.

Bettina: What do you have for us in this episode of Mentor Moments?

Br: We’re going to be talking about online marketing and why you need to be involve, whether or not a website is essential or whether you can do with out and my top 5 tips for marketing your yoga business on line and doing its smartly.

Be: Oh wow that sounds like a huge topic, lets get started.

What are your top 5 tips to know about marketing online?

Br: The first two are hands down the best.

# 1 CONTENT The Internet is a veracious beast that needs constant feeding, so having a regular schedule of content. Whether it’s blogs news articles, competitions, promotions, podcasts, videos or hopefully a combination of these, first and foremost the content needs to be useful to your audience, original and good quality.


#2 The second tip goes hand in hand with content its DISTRIBUTION because its really important to get your stuff out there. It’s not enough just to create it. To do that you can mail out your blogs and articles you can distribute blog posts on directories and bookmarking sites. You can set up your RSS feeds to syndicate your website content. You need to post it onto your social media sites and call in favors, you need to use your network and ask other people to pass it on.  This stuff is really important because if you have gone to the effort and expense of creating something great, then you want people to see it. So those two are the foundations.


# 3 The third one is STRATEGY. Which I know you’re rather keen on. So you need to think strategically about what you are going to say, what’s coming up in your yoga studio or wellbeing business, what courses and classes you need to promote also what’s topical. That might be simple, like a change of seasons or news and social issues and this could also heighten your chances that other media will pick up your content and promote it. A slow burn promotion is usually one when someone is going to make a big investment and they might not make that decision quickly or lightly.


#4 WEBSITE it’s absolutely essential that it looks good. It doesn’t need to be expensive or large but it needs to be easy to navigate it needs to be easy to read, the links need to work and the webpages need to load quickly.  It shouldn’t be an embarrassment and turn people off. So if it’s a really unattractive site you’ve got, then you might consider taking it down and replacing it with a holding page and a note saying that the updated website is coming soon.


#5 COMMITMENT is really important as well, because you need to commit to take actions consistently over time. Us yogis should be good at this, we already have the discipline to do regular yoga practice and meditation and pranayama. So once you have decided on your plan and schedule you need to commit to doing it. So “overnight success” might take a year or more. If you have vision its not enough to just discuss it with the universe you need to show the universe that you will have this reality by putting the effort in. Consistency will build trust over time whether that’s face to face of online.


Be: So you have got to take action and the strategy does that come in the form of a marketing plan, is that something you work with people to develop?

Br: Yes we do marketing plans with business owners but unfortunately not as much as we would like to. A marketing plan makes all this stuff that we have been talking about so much easier, because it gives you a road map to refer back to when your at a bit of a loss. Its your fall back.

Be: Yes absolutely I know that at times when I’m “in my head” in a muddle with oh my gosh what am I to do next I can go back to my plan whether that is my marketing plan or my strategy plan. It’s a series of small steps to get to the end result.

BR: Yes its breaking that massive big goal into manageable actions that you can do.

Be:  That all sounds like a good idea and it also sounds a bit over whelming! There is a lot of information out there, but not necessarily the “how to do this and put it into practice” But this is something you can help our listeners and others in Sydney with, you have a very interesting half day workshop coming up in Sydney Friday, Feb 24 9am-1pm in Sydney, tell us a little about what will be covered in the workshop.

Br: Sure, it’s in Sydney and it’s for yoga teachers and conscious business entrepreneurs. We will cover:


  • The story behind your business…and why you need one.
  • The secrets of website marketing
  • The essentials of getting a good Google ranking.
  • How to use Facebook for business effectively
  • The basics of Video marketing – a great medium for online marketing and
  • The importance of sharing and caring – this is very yogic and very online marketing. Creating content that people feel compelled to share
  • The last point is how to do it day in day out consistently.


Be: So those of you who are listening and are serious about marketing your business, which is a critical part of getting your business on the road to success then I encourage you to check out for more information about this course. What I want to hear about now is this generous exclusive offer you have for our YTP listeners, Brook.

Br: Sure, the first person who registers and pays for the Yoga Reach Online Marketing course, and puts a note in their registration that they were referred by Yoga Teacher Podcasts will get a free website analysis. That includes a detailed list what could be improved on your website from an Internet marketing perspective, and a list of actions that can be taken. This includes putting the website through various software tools I use that measure links, meta info, as well as my eye to give the human aspect that the software might miss which includes the way you have written copy on the website.

Thank you Brook, That’s a very, very generous offer, that must be of very high value and I hope people out there really do jump onto that opportunity, I’m floored that really is very generous.

Well Brook that wraps up our 10 minutes or so. Thank you so much I hope you will come back and talk to us again, possibly about how to structure a Marketing Plan and more on how to market our yoga business online.

Thank you to Brook McCarthy from Yoga Reach.

Br: My pleasure thank you Bettina, Bye


Brook McCarthy, Founder– Yoga Reach Online Marketing Guru.  helping you build your successful yoga business.


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  • Michele

    Brook, thank you so much for your 5 tips and this newsletter, It’s aesome.
    Can’t wait for the next one.

    With my best wishes,


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