Pratyahara is derived from two Sanskrit words: prati and ahara.  prati, a preposition meaning away or against and ahara meaning food, or anything taken into ourselves.. Together they mean “weaning away from ahara”, or simply ingestion. Source Wikipedia

We also hear it translated as withdrawal of the senses from external stimulants to seek  silence and concentration within.

In  practice we refer to the five senses hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching. For meditation setup the environment so that  the senses are less likely to be called upon.

  • Close the eyes so that we don’t see distractions.
  • Focus on the breath for calming the mind rather than for smell.
  • Use the ears to hear what our inner guru is telling us.
  • Use the tongue to gently press on the pressure point just behind the top teeth to assist  calming the mind.
  • Feel the sensations rather than touching.

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