Digital Media Strategies with Ludwina Dautovic - Mentor Moments Episode # 06

Yoga Teacher Podcasts presents Ludwina Dautovic, founder of The Red Tent Woman and host and producer of Red Tent Radio.

Ludwina has  interviewed, coached and trained 100′s of  successful business owners, Thought Leaders, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs, and is one of Australia’s leaders in online media strategies.

In episode #06  of Mentor Moments, we chat about the importance of embracing effective digital media strategies to connect with your community of clients, students and peers to accelerate your business.   Look out for the goodies from Ludwina, below…

Here are the highlights of the interview & time points so you can grab these insights. What’s the mission of your business the Red Tent Woman? (1.10) Ludwina tells us the 5 common traits that she notices about the hundreds of  successful Thought Leaders, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs from businesses large and small. (4.35) Using new digital media how exciting is it! The opportunities to connect with people is phenomenal using some simple online media strategies. (10.46) Get in the media with a branded podcast show,  learn How to Podcast Like a Pro. (17.50) Ludwina’s 10 online media marketing strategies, pick three strategies that suit you and run with it in your business. (18.25)

I know some of you  are offering  fabulous yoga products and business services and I’m sure your  sales would be accelerated  by implementing some of these  strategies. Lets us know if you need some help.

Look at these goodies Ludwina has kindly offered to  listeners of YTP.

Get Ludwina’s  FREE report  10 Online New Media Marketing Strategies,  you can download it from her website  -pick your favourite three strategies and then take action!

I particularly like page 7 : Be interviewed on podcast shows!

Ludwina has made a VERY generous offer to our tribe of  listeners at Yoga Teacher Podacsts:-

The Business Podcast Show.comAre you looking for online media exposure? Then you are going to be very interested in this offer.

  • To the first 5 (yes this is a limited number and limited time offer, so get in quick.)
  • 50 % OFF the investment of the Media Package for The Business Podcast Show. Checkout the video for details here

Listen to the interview to find out why you should be very excited about this offer.

You’ll need to tell Ludwina you listened to the offer on Yoga Teacher Podcast because this is a unique offer just for our community.

Wishing you well….


Do you have an event or product that you want the YTP audience to hear about? Well check this out Overview of how it works on YogaTeacherPodcasts. Give me a call soon.

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1 comment to Digital Media Strategies to accelerate your business – Mentor Moments Episode # 06

  • Thanks Bettina for the opportunity to be featured on your show. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and you ask valued questions. I hope your listeners will take away insights that will assist them in growing their Yoga businesses. If anyone would like to talk to me about any aspect of the interview, please feel free to call on 1300 799 491 (local) +61 3 9939 4258 (international).
    Ludwina Dautovic

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