Roma Blair

ROMA BLAIR was born in N.S.W, and started modelling at 12.

After an early marriage she moved to Java, where she was interned in a prisoner of war camp for three and a half years.

Her son was born in the camp – and she was out working the fields two days later! She first became interested in yoga when she watched another prisoner practising the poses daily. After the war she moved to South Africa, where she became a leading model and took up the study of yoga, becoming the disciple of Gura Swami Yogeswarananda.

Yoga gave her back her good health, and the P.O.W. camp became something of the past. Now a grand mother, she has branches of the Roma Blair Yoga Club in South Africa and all  over Australia, where she has been teaching for the past ll years. – The Australian Women’s Weekly, October 12  1966.

Now in her 80′s, Roma Blair has lived an extraordinary life. Living in Java, she became a Japanese prisoner of war and for three and a half years was missing, presumed dead. In later life her health became an issue and Roma turned to yoga. She spent life from then teaching others the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. Read her story in the book she wrote, From Prison to Paradise.

Roma: From Prison to ParadiseClick on the image to purchase From Prison to Paradise.


WHATEVER HAPPENED TO GRANDMAS? Yesterday’s grannies, ladies of comfortable shape with white hair, a darning needle at the ready, and alert for a nose to wipe, a hairbow to tie, or a lullaby to sing, are a vanishing race.

Today’s model Granny (above and below) is TCN9′s Roma Blair, as lithe as her five-year-old granddaughter. Roma, in lounging pyjamas or ready for a shopping spree, accom-panied by her corgi Yogi, gives yoga the credit for her lovely figure. All women can learn Roma’ssecrets from her valuable yoga mini-program seen on TCN9, Sydney, Monday to Friday, 11.25 a.m. The Australian Women’s Weekly, July 9  1969.


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7 comments to Roma Blair

  • Alan Ossendryver

    Hi. This for Roma.
    I am Leo’s oldest son. I would love to be in touch with you.
    Alan (ilan)

  • Lisette

    I have just finished Roma’s book “from prison to paradise”. I picked it up at a lifeline bookfest as it looked interesting. What an amazing story, then i see it’s autographed by Roma and compounded that I take it to the gold coast to read on holiday! I keep looking out for her. I am returning home to find a yoga class to join, she is still fulfilling her destiny for future generations in creating education and interest in yoga. Peace, blessings.

  • Bettina

    Lisette lucky you to be guided to Romas book. She is an inspiration to thousands. Thank you for sharing.

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