Yoga Teacher Podcasts the short journey so far

Hi Bettina here,  thank you for dropping by.

I wanted to take time at the end of 2011, to reflect back on the journey, so far, of Yoga Teacher Podcasts.

I want to share this story with you because you’re part of this community … I love that!

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The start of the journey…

Back in June of 2011, I decided, “Now is the time to take on this initiative”.

I wrote up a strategic plan, mapping out the purpose of YTP, my vision for the future, the values I would respect and the actions I needed to take to get underway.  I did that, because I truly believe that if you don’t plan the journey, then how do you know where you’re going and how to get there if you don’t have a plan.  So, away I went.

I’m going to confess something upfront. You know how you are supposed to do market research and test if your market is interested in your offering BEFORE you start up the venture! Well I didn’t. Oops, I skipped that bit. Not surprisingly, at one point I got really concerned and in a conversation I was having with my darling husband and greatest supporter; Garreth, I said “what if no-one wants to talk to me?” “What if they say who are you and why should I talk to you?” Garreth, in his usual calm manner, simply replied “Well there’s only one way, ask some one and the worse that can happen is they say no. Then you move on to someone else.”

So far no one has said that to me directly, however I’m sure they must have thought it. I remember when Nicky Knoff agreed to my request for an interview – I cried with joy!

Now, I’m thrilled that I have done nine interviews so far and I can’t stop now. I’m really into it! I have still numerous inspired Yoga leaders and Knowledge Masters ready for interviewing in 2012.

I never thought how this, would open the shutters, to see clearly through the windows to all the dedicated Yoga Teachers who are doing amazing things out there. Their workshops, books, blogs, yoga practice DVD’s and cards, Seva work, movies, opinions, festivals, products, camaraderie, holistic events –  wow its incredible.

So having surmounted my first fears about Yoga Teachers wanting to talk to me, I developed a new one;

“What if no-one wants to listen to these fabulous stories of Yoga Teachers inspiring the lives and well-being of others?”

Well a big thank you, to you and all the other inspired people who have listened to the interviews so far and have emailed me with encouraging comments. It’s all your comments and support that helped bring YTP to life.

So, continuing on my path of open disclosure about my feelings and thoughts, it’s not been as easy as I had first thought it would be! It’s been a lot of work and I’ve had a few challenges.

To prepare for this journey, I listened to a lot of podcasts on the topics of, podcasting and social and new media, because basically they’re my tools.  It all seemed pretty straightforward, you do this, then that and whammy you’re on the air.

I have to tell you the technology has really challenged me. I have learnt so much, but its not been with out capital outlay, studying a lot, tears of frustration, a lot of YouTube “how to” videos, checking in with forums, reading a bunch of….for Dummies books, Podcasting for Dummies, WordPress for Dummies, Facebook and Twitter for Dummies. Great resources by the way. I also took a Master class course with Dan Lyons called “How to Podcast like a Radio DJ”. It has been invaluable, his encouragement, coaching and mentoring, has been solid gold.

I have also been working with Janet Beckers, my key mentor, she has helped me get crystal clear on my mission and systems. I get so much inspiration from her book called “The Power of 100:
 100 International Women Share Powerful Stories of How to Stay Focused on Your Dreams” . My background is in Project Management and Organisational Development, I have built systems for large and small organisations and managed strategy implementation for over 15 years. Having said that, this project has been one of the most challenging but definitely a rewarding one. Oh and the lousiest paying role I’ve ever had!  Who would work 10 hour days for zero income? Obviously me. I’m driven by my passion for Yoga and the gifts it gives. This is my shout out to all the Yoga Teachers who dedicate their time and passion to spreading the gift of Yoga to others. We all know that Yoga provides benefits for us on the mat and off the mat and that is what gives us the drive to keep at it.

I also want to say thank you to the Yoga Teachers that I have had the privilege to speak with in 2011. They have all been so generous with their time and wisdom. A special thank you to Bette Calman, for the amazing spread of food you so generously provided and Suzanne, that fresh herbal tea was the best! Eve, you have been so generous in providing me with guidance and feedback, some of it I must still get around to doing. Each one of my guests has inspired me through their stories, to do and learn more, I hope they have inspired you too. I also want to say thank you to my Mum and sisters Skye and Janet for cheering me along and to my son Tyler who has bought me a super new headset, a magic mouse and mouse pad to add to my tools, bless you darlings.

What’s next in 2012?

I am so very excited about 2012, I have a lot more actions to roll out.  I am putting it out there to the universe to guide my plans. Which includes the Off the Mat and Into the World Leadership training in Sydney in January, the opportunity to go to the Byron Spirit Festival in NSW in February and interview Dena Kinsberg, Simon Borg- Olivier, Mark Whitwell, Katie Manitsas, Lance Schuler, Nicole Goodwin  oh and what the heck, Deva and Miten too.  I hope to see you there. Please come and say hi. I commit to focusing more on the Mentor Moments segments to help Yoga Teachers build their sustainable businesses. From the comments I have received, Mentor Moments is a real inspiration to those of you who are action takers and are keen to develop savvy business skills.

I look forward to watching our community grow and hearing and sharing the stories being told. I am also planning to not struggle along alone as I did at the start.  I will be building a virtual team to help me to develop this project and bring you more inspiring stories from revered Yoga Teachers of our time. I hope you stay for the journey.

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